After paying your hard earned money for a Botox treatment, I am sure you want it to last as long as possible. If that is the case then this post is for you! In this post you will learn seven simple things you can do to make your Botox treatment last longer. Let’s jump in!

1 Develop a good skincare routine.

Having a good skincare routine, using good quality products and using the right products for your skin will help you get the beautiful skin you always desired. Getting a Botox injection is not a replacement for good skin care. Maintaining a good skin care routine before and after getting your botox injections is what will prolong the youthful look of your skin. You may have heard that using a good quality cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen will help you achieve great skin. This is ture, but have you ever looked at the ingredients in your beauty products?

I would encourage you to educate yourself on the ingredients in your beauty products and if they are right for your skin. When it comes to selecting products for after you Botox treatment, keep this in mind:  

  • Retinol based creams, gels and serums: Retinoids get a special mention because they increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. When purchasing products either read the ingredients or get products that say they are retinoids based. When looking at the ingredients you should look for words like retinol, tretinoin, retinyl palmitate, retinyl linoleate, etc. However, when used inappropriately, retinoids can irritate your skin. So it is best to consult an expert before incorporating them into your skincare routine. 
  • Moisturizer: Although any good quality moisturizer will benefit your skin. Some ingredients to look for are shea butter, aloe, sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide, sea whip, boswellia, squalane and honey. A good moisturizer will not only make your skin soft and healthy, but will also increase the time it takes for the Botox to wear off.  

Choosing the right products for your skin may be a difficult task, but Pinkal Medical Aesthetics is here to help. Consult with Pinkal Gandhi for product recommendations and guidance on the correct use of each product.       

2. Protect your skin from Sun damage. 

Avoid sun damage by using 30 SPF sunscreen or simply by wearing a hat. Why is sun damage important to avoid, you ask. Well, protecting your skin from the sun is important even before you receive your Botox treatment. This is simply because sunlight causes the breakdown of collagen and causes irreversible damage to your skin. The important thing for you to know is sunlight will reduce the length of the effect  the Botox treatment has.  

3. Avoid products that contain nicotine.  

Avoid smoking and nicotine products as much as possible. Nicotine decreases the effectiveness of the Botox injection and causes collagen to break down. Smoking also contributes to wrinkles and fine lines.   

4. Reduce your stress level. 

Try to reduce your stress levels. Some good ways to do this are yoga and meditation. As you may have heard many times that stress has a negative impact on health. Well, the same goes for your skin. Some stress is normal and not possible to avoid. However, being under high levels of stress consistently will shorten the lifespan of a Botox treatment and can speed up the aging process. Additionally, stress can cause you to tense up the muscles in your face or frown, which works against the Botox that is used to relax your facial muscles.    

5. Stay hydrated. 

Show you skin some love by staying hydrated. We often forget to drink water when we get busy working, but water is essential for youthful skin. If you are someone who forgets to drink, try carrying a water bottle around with you or keeping one on your desk while working. Doing this may be a good reminder to drink water.    

6. Maintain a healthy diet. 

This may be an obvious one but can also be one that is often overlooked. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for healthy skin. So try your best to avoid processed foods and go for the healthier option when you can. 

7. Consider shifting from high intensity workouts to low or moderate intensity exercise. 

High intensity workouts increase your metabolism. This helps you build muscle and burn calories faster, but it may also cause your botox to break down faster. This does not mean you should avoid exercise all together. Instead opt for more low to moderate intensity workouts when you can.   

Don’t underestimate these seemingly simple tips. If implemented correctly, these simple tips can help you preserve your youthful look for longer. Moreover, they will save you money by allowing you to go a little longer before your next Botox treatment. However, for when you do need a touch up follow these simple steps to book an appointment.


Author: Mayuri Chaudhari, Freelance writer