I am Pinkal, a board certified nurse practitioner and a medical director at Pinkal Medical and Aesthetics clinic. I have received my BScN degree from York University and a Master of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner degree from Athabasca University. I have over twelve years of experience in the health care setting as an RN and an NP. I have always had a love for hands on procedures and my business allows me to do just that. My entrepreneurial journey started back in year 2011.

I was on my maternity leave with my second child. While It was nice to have the time off, after about eight months of staying at home, I wanted to study further. So I took a course for foot care and started my part time nursing foot care business. From then until now, I have gained experience working in the community, as a cardiology nurse while completing a masters and becoming a nurse practitioner and ultimately specializing in medical aesthetics. My Vision Throughout these years, I have gained knowledge and expertise in some speciality areas of nursing. This has allowed me to be able to mentor and create a superior team of nurses to provide the same exceptional patient care that I have a vision for. When I am with my clients, my time is dedicated to give undivided attention to them. I want to be clear about their goals and expectations of the procedure outcomes. I want to ensure that my clients understand that they play an equal part in the decision making process. I am there to provide knowledge so that they can make educated decision about their medical aesthetics treatment as well as other speciality services we offer such as, foot care, primary care, and women’s health care. My goal is to provide you with subtle, natural enhancement of your facial features giving you a youthful results without looking puffy, overdone or fake. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your goals and how I can help achieve them together.

**NP services are not covered by OHIP, therefore, all of our services can be paid by cash, cheque or e-transfer.